Bard Composix Kugel Patch

Bard Composix Kugel Patch Hernia Mesh LawsuitIt may help those who have suffered injuries from hernia mesh to know that the makers of a similar product, the Bard Composix Kugel mesh, settled lawsuits amounting to an average payout of $70,000 to each plaintiff.

History of the Kugel Mesh Medical Device

The Kugel mesh history parallels the history of the C-QUR® and Physiomesh®. It came about through a similar FDA approval process.

This device was created and originally used to combine the utility of the open operation with the advantages of the laparoscopic procedures. With just a small incision, the mesh could be folded into a small size and positioned behind the hernia. It contained a “memory recoil ring” that was supposed to spring open and allow the mesh to spread out flat.

Bard put a combination product on the market; the Composix Kugel (sometimes called “CK”). The Composix Kugel, or CK Patch, was designed with two layers of polypropylene mesh, a layer of ePTFE, and included a PET memory recoil ring.

By 2002, doctors were reporting adverse events to Bard, and the failure rate was higher than normal. Still, Bard waited almost three years before recalling the product. Additional problems developed when the memory ring broke. Sometimes the ring literally poked into the body and damaged sensitive tissues and organs. Doctors reported that patients had experienced serious abdominal injuries from broken rings.

At first, it was thought that the problems were not with the product itself, but because surgeons were not correctly inserting the patch. But then the company’s own testing of the product showed the memory ring to be weakened at sites it was welded together. The FDA found problems with the company’s safety standards, adverse report tracking system, and product safety management.

There were waves of recalls and people began to file lawsuits against the manufacturer of the Kugel mesh. The company eventually agreed to a mass settlement.

$180 Million Mass Settlement

2,600 people sued to recover compensation for their Kugel Patch injuries. Bard paid more than $180 million in a mass settlement of the lawsuits in 2011.

In one case brought in federal court, the jury found the product defective and unreasonably dangerous due to its propensity to change shape and buckle in the body. One plaintiff was awarded $1.5 million. His lawsuit claimed that he suffered severe internal injuries and a sepsis infection when the hernia patch broke inside of him.

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