Atrium C-QUR Mesh

Atrium C-Qur Mesh Hernia Mesh Lawsuit
The C-QUR® Mesh is made by Atrium Medical in New Hampshire, which is a subsidiary of a giant German holding company, the Maquet Getinge Group. Atrium designed the C-QUR® Mesh for use in hernia repair, and other surgical procedures requiring reinforcement with a non- absorbable supportive material.

Lack of Testing

The FDA never tested the safety or effectiveness of the C-QUR® mesh for hernia repair, allowing Atrium to use the quickie 510k approval process. Atrium received approval in 2006, claiming the mesh was similar to an earlier version of the mesh.

The C-QUR® used Atrium’s prior polypropylene mesh and added an Omega 3 gel coating. While the company claimed this coating would prevent many prior hernia mesh complications, data suggested that in fact, it caused patients to have a higher rate of infections and other problems. The coating on the mesh prevents fluid from escaping, causing it to pool and causing bacteria to grow.

FDA Warnings and Recall of Product

The FDA issued a series of warnings and the company made recalls starting in 2012. The FDA found manufacturing violations in 2012, and warned Atrium that its sterilization process was defective. Complaints were filed by surgeons who found human hair in the mesh, and there were reported infections that Atrium failed to notify the FDA about.

In 2013 Atrium recalled more than 90,000 units due to packaging problems, in which the mesh was sticking to its inner packaging when exposed to high humidity. However, no products were actually removed from the market. Finally, in 2015 the FDA issued an injunction to force Atrium to stop making the product. The FDA subsequently found Atrium had violated additional device reporting regulations, and correction and removal regulations.

In addition, scientific studies started to back up what surgeons and patients were reporting that the C-QUR® hernia mesh caused more infections than all other brands combined.


Common problems caused by C-QUR® Mesh include the following:

  • High rate of infection
  • Perforation of organs
  • Inflammation and scar tissue
  • Bowel obstruction
  • Severe pain
  • Necessitates follow-up surgeries

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